Everything is changing, with protection, with increasing medical studies.  The new uproar is tackling in football.  Safety is a very big issue, as many people do have concussions and this can affect the rest of their lives.

I understand that safety is important, but it’s FOOTBALL.  It’s a contact sport.  Times are going to come when the hitting is hard, and player’s are going to have to know that.  There is no way to protect a player from a big hit because even if there is a flag called to stop it the next time, the defender is still going to hit the ball carrier very hard. A penalty is not going to make a player think twice when a play is happening.

As an avid follower of professional football, I understand both sides of this story.  Keeping players safe makes their careers longer, and they become less prone to health problems.  The other side is that the sport is football, they are playing the game because that is what they choose to do.  Players know the circumstances they are under, and they should play the game like it is supposed to be played.  Hits are going to happen, injuries are going to happen.  It’s all just a part of the game.  If they continue to make hits preventable, it might as well become flag football.

Troy Polamalu, a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been outspoken on this topic. This is what some of his opinions are on the topic: “Rant“.

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